18/08   Midi is working on a renovation strategy for a farming estate in the Portuguese Alentejo region.
http://www.ateliermidi.eu/files/gimgs/th-1_IMG_3396 copy.jpg
18/04   Midi, together with OSA KU Leuven, is commissioned to formulate a spatial vision for the municipality of Houthalen-Helchteren.
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18/03   Midi is selected for a social housing competition in Bekkevoort.
17/06   Midi wins the invited competition for a masterplan for the village of Den Hout, in the Belgian Campine region.
http://www.ateliermidi.eu/files/gimgs/th-1_IMG-2731 copy.jpg
17/10 Presentation of the preliminary master plan
16/10   The Cartography for "Metropolitan Landscapes" is exhibited at "Atelier Bouwmeester", Brussels.
17/02   Joris Moonen and Wim Wambecq teach the 4th year urban design studio "public space and infrastructure" at ASRO, KU Leuven on the subject of the future "Parc Jonction" in Brussels.
17/04   Joris Moonen leads a design team in the international workshop on the contested neighbourhood of Bixiga in Sao Paulo, Brasil. The workshop was co-organised by Mackenzie University and OSA KU Leuven.
17/02   Midi, together with Wit architecten, submits a proposal for the reconversion of a series of military pavilions on the "Hoge Rielen" recreational park in Kasterlee.
16/10   As a continuation of the PhD research of Wim Wambecq at OSA KULeuven, Midi works on alternative development scenarios for the forested villa allotment in Wezemaal.